Sporting Clays at Cosner Reserve NOW OPEN

Sporting Clays at Cosner Reserve is a new, five stand and sporting clay course located in Pelham in Rockingham County, NC.  The family-run business, which is operated by Lori Ray and Charles Sole, features a one-mile course through wooded areas and fields, plus five covered stands.  Gear rentals are available on site as well as golf car rentals. 

Cosner Reserve is a 195-acre scenic land sanctuary that was created as a memorial to Lori’s brother, the late L/Cpl David Cosner who was on a peacekeeping mission in Beirut, Lebanon, when he gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country in 1983.  “I always knew when I retired from law enforcement, that I wanted to do something to honor my brother and provide a place for first responders to getaway,” said Lori.  “We created Cosner Reserve to be a place of beauty and allow people to enjoy the outdoors.”

Charles and their son Kyle run the sporting clay side of the business and they say it is the type of activity families can enjoy together.  “It’s something that is fun for the whole family and an activity that you can do year-round,” said Charles.

Sporting Clays at Cosner Reserve is currently open Friday through Sunday or by appointment.  Patrons can choose to do the one-mile course, five stands only, or a combination of both.  They also allow guests to bring their own golf cart or ATV.

Targets are reset each week to keep the course fun and fresh.  They currently offer a Fall/Winter Series through January 6, 2020 and will offer a shooting clinic in May.

“We are really hoping to grow the game and introduce it to more people,” adds Charles.  “It’s also great for team building and corporate events.”

Sporting Clays at Cosner Reserve is a member of the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA).  Members of the Rockingham County Gun Club receive a 10 percent discount.  Gift cards and pre-paid clay cards are available for purchase.

Visit their website or find them on Facebook to learn more:

Sporting Clays at Cosner Reserve
1035 Old US Highway 29, Pelham, NC 27311
Phone- (919) 201-7990

Mon-Thurs: By Appointment
Fri-9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat-9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun-10:00 am – 5:00 pm