GIA Distillery Inc. Locates in Downtown Madison

First product launch and tastings planned late May

The Town of Madison and the Rockingham County Center for Economic Development, Small Business & Tourism are excited to announce that GIA Distillery Inc. has located in downtown Madison and will be opening in late May. GIA is an Italian themed distillery with plans to produce bourbon whiskey, grappa and cognac.

The company is located in the former railroad depot at the end of Murphy Street formally occupied by Piedmont Distillery and is upfitting the building for production space and a tasting room. The front part of the building will house a small tasting room and gift shop area where people can also purchase bottles of the products. GIA hopes to have the tasting room open in late May on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. GIA anticipates it will create about five jobs within the next year.

“We see Madison as a small version of Asheville, NC. There is a large population in north and northwestern Guilford County who would much rather drive roughly the same distance as downtown Greensboro,  to Madison to experience coffee shops, breweries and distilleries.  Making Madison a destination benefits not only the town but also helps expose the broader benefits of Rockingham County,”  said Mark Sorrells, GIA Managing Partner.

GIA will launch its first product, Jordan’s Cabin, around June 1st. Jordan’s Cabin is Madison’s first bourbon whiskey that is named after the historic Jordan Cabin located adjacent to GIA Distillery.  Jordan Cabin, built in 1799, is an historic landmark in Madison that sits on the original plot of land that formed the town.  GIA plans to eventually offer tours of the cabin as part of the visitor experience to the distillery.

Within the next year, GIA plans to launch a cognac style brandy and its Grappa de Francesca, an Italian style brandy made from a 200-year-old recipe from Trieste in Northeastern Italy.

“Mark and his business partner have been working extremely hard over the past year to turn the historical railroad depot that has been sitting idle for a long time, into GIA Distillery.   We are extremely happy that they chose Madison as their initial headquarters and we know that GIA Distillery will be a great addition to Downtown Madison. We look forward to their grand opening during our Bi-Centennial year,” said David Myers, mayor of Madison.

“We are happy that GIA Distillery chose to locate in Madison and Rockingham County. It will be a great asset in attracting more investment and visitors to our community, especially once the tasting room is open,” said Ken Allen, assistant director of business/economic development for the Rockingham County Center for Economic Development, Small Business & Tourism.

The label for Jordan’s Cabin features the image of the historic cabin that is still located on the original plot of land that formed the Town of Madison.